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20180908-JAH02581:  Firey sunset over Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park.20171216-JAH07472: A blusterly Rochester NY skyline viewed from Cobbs Hill Reservoir.20180820-JAH02291:  Blue Mountain Lake, Adirondacks NY.20180820-JAH02324:  Adirondack chairs waiting for you at Blue Mountain Lake, Adirondacks NY.20180423-JAH08930:  Rochester NY city skyline on fire !20180912-JAH03915:  A grizzly bear packing in the calories before the Wyoming winter.20180909-JAH03002:  The most-photographed barn on Earth at Mormon Row with Grand Teton in the back.20180910-JAH03400:  An electric sunset in the Grand Teton backcountry, Cascade Canyon.20180912-JAH04031:  Tourists catch some steam coming off Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone NP.20180912-JAH04227:  Bison are truly magestic and powerful creatures.