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20190415-JAH06858: Cherry blossoms on Pike Street and 1st ave in Seattle.20190415-JAH06906(Square): Looking across 1st ave in Seattle to the mountains across Puget Sound.20190415-JAH06881(Square): Seattle city skyline from Kerry Park.20190415-JAH06904(Square): Looking across 1st ave in Seattle to the mountains across Puget Sound.20190415-JAH06909(2x1): A biker exits the pedestrian ramp near Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle.20180724-JAH00504: Old Town Budva, Montenegro.20180725-JAH00675: Old Town Budva, Montenegro.20180727-JAH01185: Old Town Kotor, Montenegro.20171216-JAH07488: The Genesee River looks frozen in place in the Rochester winter.20170121-JAH00103: The Genesee Brewery in Rochester's High Falls district.20150712_DSC7953: High Falls from the pedestrian bridge over the Genesee.20150712_DSC7942: High Falls entertainment district with the Kodak HQ building.20180515-JAH09230: The sun dips below the Rochester horizon in mid May.20171216-JAH07472:  A blustery Rochester NY city skyline from Cobbs Hill Reservoir.20170718-JAH05045: Sun rays stretch over the South Wedge as another day comes to a close.20180423-JAH08930: It looks like Bob Ross painted some birds into the clouds on this one!20181228-JAH05896: An unseasonably warm Dec 28th in the city of Rochester, NY.20180626-JAH00026: Rochester skyline with a portal opening up to another dimension!20180515-JAH09245: Another colorful sunset across the city of Rochester NY! (2x1 size)20180423-JAH08930: ROC skyline with some bird-looking clouds on the left (2x1 size)